CV Alison


1945 Born Christchurch, New Zealand
1964-66 Studied University of Canterbury, Christchurch
1966 Graduated Christchurch Teachers College (Art Credits)
1969 Selected as Working Member of the Canterbury Society of Arts
1979-80 University of Otago, Summer School, Kurow
1981-82 University of Otago Summer School Dunedin
1983 University of Canterbury Summer School, Christchurch
1984 Selected as Artist Member Academy of Fine Arts, Wellington
1980-83 Tutor, Ashburton Community College
1987-89 Judge, Guthrey CSA Travel Award
1993 Tutor, Masterclass, Ritchies Contemporary Gallery, Christchurch
1994 Judge, Mainland Award, Dunedin


1967-80 Group exhibitions in New Zealand
1977 NZ Academy of Fine Arts, Wellington, NZ ‘Figures’
1980 Decor Gallery, Timaru, ‘Figure & Landscapes’
1980 The Taj Gallery, Wellington, ‘Watercolours’
1981 Galerie Horizon, Paris, FRANCE
1981 North Gallery, CSA, Christchurch, ‘Waiting For Spring’
1983 Mair Gallery, CSA Christchurch, ‘Rakaia River Series’
1986 CSA Gallery, Christchurch, NEW ZEALAND ‘Contemporary Works on Paper’
1987 Brooker Gallery, Wellington, ‘Wellington Watercolours’
1988 The Gallery, Akaroa, ‘South Island Watercolours’
1988 Mair Gallery, CSA, Christchurch, ‘Summer Waters’
1989 Ferner Gallery, Auckland, ‘Summer Places’
1989 Canaday Gallery, CSA, Christchurch, ‘Celebrating City’
1990 Painters Gallery, Sydney, AUSTRALIA
1990 Ferner Gallery, Auckland, ‘Sun & Games’
1990 Tinakori Gallery, Wellington, ‘The South of the North’
1991 Ferner Gallery, Auckland, ‘Coast-Lines’
1991 Pomeroys, Nelson, ‘Nelson Watercolours’
1991 Canaday Gallery, CSA, Christchurch, ‘il giardino italiano’
1992 Parkroyal, Queenstown, ‘Watercolours’
1992 Ferner Gallery, Auckland, ‘Elements of Habitation’
1992 Ansett Golden Wing Lounge, Christchurch
1992 Ritchies Fine Arts, Christchurch, ‘Terraces’
1993 La Mairie, Penne d’Agennais, FRANCE, ‘Aquarelles’
1993 Galerie B Kurzendorfer, Neumarket, GERMANY, ‘Watercolours, Lithographs’
1993 Ferner Gallery, Auckland, ‘Classica Pacifica’
1993 Air New Zealand Koru. Lounge, Auckland, ‘Watercolours’
1993 Suter Gallery, Nelson ‘Women’s Art’
1993 Ritchies Gallery, Christchurch, ‘Classica. Pacifica’
1993 Country Club Exhibition, HONGKONG
1994 Salamander Gallery, Christchurch, ‘City Sequences’
1994 Tinakori Gallery, Wellington, ‘City Lines’
1994 Noahs, Christchurch, ‘Entree to the Mainland’
1994 Henderson Carter ‘Spring Exhibition’, London, ENGLAND
1994 Forsyth Barr, Christchurch, ‘Recent Works’
1994 Savah Gallery, Sydney, AUSTRALIA, ‘New Works’
1995 Ritchies Gallery, Christchurch, ‘Blue Summer’
1995 Bonz Gallery, Queenstown, ‘Waterfront’
1995 Studio of Contemporary Art, Auckland, ‘La terra, il mondo’
1995 Millbrook Gallery, Christchurch, ‘Recent Watercolours’
1996 The Gallery Akaroa, ‘Italian Landscapes’
1996 Studio of Contemporary Art, Auckland, ‘In Italia’
1997 Studio of Contemporary Art, Auckland, ‘Living in the Olives’
1997 Café Victoria, Perugia, ITALIA, ‘Alison Ryde’
1998 The Worcester of Christchurch, ‘Acquerelli’
1999 Studio of Contemporary Art, Auckland ‘Attachments’
2000 Picturesque Gallery, Akaroa
2000 Studio of Contemporary Art, Auckland ‘Watching the Olives Grow’
2001 Picturesque Gallery, Christchurch
2001 Galleria Spazio Visivo, Roma, ITALIA, ”ragionare, dedurre.”"
2002 Studio of Contemporary Art, Auckland, “”Essentials’”
2002 Worcester Gallery, Christchurch, “‘An Afternoon With Alison Ryde”"
2002 Art Museum Enoteca of San Francesco, Montefalco, ITALIA “With Benozzo Gozzoli”"
2003 Worcester Gallery, Christchurch, “‘Seven Years On”"
2003 (Nov 22) Galleria Spazio Visivo, Roma, ITALIA
2004 (Feb 23) Studio of Contemporary Art, Auckland.
2006 The Worcester, Christchurch, ‘New Works?

2010 Comune, Bevagna, Italy ‘The Good Earth’

2010 Retrospective, The Worcester, Christchurch

2010 Santa Maria di Laurentis, Comune di Bevagna, “The Good Earth”

2011 Complesso Museale San Francesco Montefalco “Opus”

2011 Spazio Visivo, Roma, Premio Ripetta XIX Edizione 2012

2012 Museo Civico di Bevagna “In Chartis Mevaniae”

2012 Venezia Reale Società Canottieri Bucintor 1882, Magazzini del Sale  ”In Chratis Mevaniae”

2012 Carnevale di Venezia 2012 “La Fine del Mondo….”

2012 Il Parco della Scultura di Castelbuono, Castelbuono.

2012 Gli Studi Medici del Umbria, Ospedale Spoleto mostra

2013 Nero Norcia Brancaleone di Norcia, mostra

2013 Spoleto Festival Exhibition, Spoleto

2013 Solo exhibition Villa Fidelia, Spello, from 30th June

Collections and Commissions:

Qantas Airways; NZ Law Society; Art Rentals, London, ENGLAND; Christchurch City; Canterbury Society of Arts; Ashburton Society of Arts; Ashburton Borough Council; Ashburton Licensing Trust; Christchurch Girls High School; S.I.M.U.; Lotto Commission; Telecom; Air New Zealand – Christchurch, Auckland, Los Angeles USA, SINGAPORE, Melbourne, Brisbane AUSTRALIA; Postbank; Christchurch Hospital Board; NZ Ministry of External Affairs & Trade, Washington, USA; Robert McDougall Art Gallery; Robert Jones; Bell South; Brierleys Corporation; Trustbank; ANZ Bank; Westpac Bank; National Bank; Spicer & Oppenheim; Lincoln University; PDL Industries; Grant Cameron; Resene Paints; Southpac; Forsyth Barr; Lane Neave Rolandson; Anthony Harper; Auckland Golf Club; Wallace Collection, Berkeley, USA; Takahashi Collection, JAPAN; Brian Jones Collection, New York, USA; ASB Bank; PRG Collection AUSTRALIA; BNZ Bank; Canterbury Regional Council; Mattioli-Mascarelli Collection, ITALIA; Private collections, HONG KONG; Caxton Press; Comune di Bevagna; In Chartis, Bevagna; Many legal studios, corporate collections.


1979 Ashburton Centenary Exhibition Award
1981 Montana Wines Award
1982 Ashburton Licensing Trust Award
1983 Montana Wines Award
1984 Honorary Life Member, Ashburton Society of Arts
1987 Lindauer Art Award
1987 IBM Townscape Award
1988 Honorary Life Member, NZTCA
1990 Mainland Award
1992 Mainland Award
1994 ALT Award


1981 NZ Womens Weekly; 1988 Panache Arts Magazine; 1988 More Magazine; 1990 Black Gnat; 1991 Trends magazine; 1991 Radio NZ Arts; 1992 Trends magazine; 1992 Lifestyles magazine; 1992 Homestyles; 1992 Resort Radio;
1993 Pacific Way; 1993 NZ Listener; 1994 Art New Zealand; 1994 Oderings Homes & Gardens CTV; 1994 NZ House & Garden; 1995 Resort Radio;
1995 Australian Artist magazine, AUSTRALIA; 1999 Next Magazine;
1999 Australian Artist Magazine “Masters”"; 2000 Art News New Zealand;
2000 New Zealand television interview; 2000 Montefalco Festival Painting, ITALY; 2001 Montefalco Festival Painting,ITALY; 2003 Plains Radio, Christchurch; 2003 Montefalco Festival, ITALY; 2010 Il Sole 24, ITALY; 2010 Corriere dell’Umbria, ITALY; 2010 Montefalco Festival, ITALY

Community Activities:

1980 – 1983 President, Ashburton Society of Arts
1984 Honorary Life Member, Ashburton Society of Arts
1982-1993 Council member, Canterbury Society of Arts
1982-1990 Committee member, Friends of the Robert McDougall Art Gallery
1988- 1993 Vice-President, Canterbury Society of Arts
1993-1994 President, Canterbury Society of Arts
2010 Lions Club Foligno, Italy, lithograph

2011 The book history of Canterbury Society of Arts